Is Abu-Mazen Losing his Magic Touch?

The Palestinian president, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) seems to be losing his magic touch.  For many years since he took the helm of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leadership – almost fifteen years now – he managed to win the understanding and support of the international community to his vision of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the two-state concept based on the June 4, 1967 borders; i.e. State of Israel on roughly 78% of historic Palestine and State of Palestinian on the remaining 22% (composed of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip).

Abu-Mazen and his administration succeeded in garnering support to this two-state concept of the entire Arabic and Islamic countries as well as much of the rest of the world.  It has been one diplomatic success after another that Abu-Mazen managed to accumulate world-wide and almost always succeeded in squarely placing the blame on Israeli leadership whenever negotiations stopped or the so-called peace process derailed.  Abu-Mazen was successful in gaining much of the support he did as a result of his persistent stand demanding implementation of Palestinian Rights by peaceful means.  That stand was costly to him and his popularity among Palestinians, especially hard-liners.

Lately, in reaction to certain significant moves by the American Trump administration, including leaks about the so-called “Deal of the Century”, recognition by the American president Donald Trump of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, closing the PLO’s offices in Washington, and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the entire geographic areas of Jerusalem (east and west) as well as over the Golan Heights, denial of funding to the Palestinian authority, etc. etc. Abu-Mazen refused to send a Palestinian delegation to Bahrain economic workshop sponsored by the United States of America.  The Bahrain workshop was claimed to be aiming at improving Palestinian economy, as being the first part to be revealed of the infamous Deal of the Century.

Abu-Mazen could have sent a low-level delegation to the workshop while declaring that there will be no deviation whatsoever from the Palestinian position about resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  He could have claimed that the PLO would participate in any effort to improve the Palestinian economy while standing firm on its political position.  That was precisely what the governments of Egypt and Jordan did by sending deputy-minister level representatives from their respective ministries of finance while at the same time declaring unwavering support for the Palestinian people, the Arab-peace initiative, and the two-state concept as understood and as articulated by the Palestinian Leadership.

Abu-Mazen could have gone to Bahrain without changing his position one iota and could have exposed the true positions of the Trump administration if/when they start linking Palestinian economic improvements to demands relating to changing Palestinian leadership vision of the two-state concept as it relates to Jerusalem or otherwise.  Abu-Mazen could have waited to expose Kushner and Trump if/when they directly ask for linking economic improvements to political demands.

Abu-Mazen has given Kushner and Trump an excuse to claim that he is rigid and inflexible.  After all, he rejected a plan that the Americans did not explicitly offer “YET”.  A little patience could have served Abu-Mazen well had he joined the Egyptians and Jordanians smart moves.  As the Palestinian saying goes:

(لاحق العيّار لباب الدار) loosely translated:  Cope with thief till he reaches the exit door.

Abu-Mazen knows well the true Zionist objective when it comes to Palestinian statehood or any other Palestinian progress towards regaining the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.  He also knows the prevailing balance of power that has so far dictated the course of events in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  He was successful in maneuvering his safe path through that complicated maze.  Over a decade and a half, Abu-Mazen succeeded in stripping Israeli leadership from their long standing claim that Palestinians never lose an opportunity to lose an opportunity.  By not going to Bahrain, Abu-Mazen risks giving life back to that old Zionist claim.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the Stuff from which Life is made!

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Jewish and Democratic; not anymore!

When the one-state on all the territory of historic Palestine is created, and some of the then Muslim majority demand that the state be declared a “Muslim and Democratic”, I will be among those who stand in opposition to such demand and declare that “Muslim and Democratic” is an oxymoron.

Now, let us come to the present….

Zionists and their supporters in the West have always claimed that the state of Israel is “Jewish and Democratic”; until recently that is.  Even though, “Jewish and Democratic” is an oxymoron, Zionists pretended otherwise and claimed it for the state of Israel; until recently.  Israeli leaders seem to not care anymore, and appear to have decided that, when it comes to defining the state of Israel, it is time to confess that “Jewish” is more important than “Democratic”.

On July 19, 2018, the Israeli Knesset (parliament) passed a law known as the “nation-state” law unveiling the truth about the true identity of the discriminatory and racist state of Israel.  This “nation-state” law declares that the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people, and that the Jewish people have the right to exercise national self-determination in the state.  It declares that the state must “encourage and promote” Jewish-only settlements that are described to be of “national value”.  Furthermore, the law eliminates the Arabic language from being recognized an official language in the state.

Even though this might come as a surprise to some, the truth is that the state of Israel has never been democratic.  The true identity of the state of Israel was revealed since the very early days of its establishment on the ruins of Palestinian society.  It started with the ethnic cleansing of Christian and Muslim Palestinians, and continued with flagrant racism and oppression against the small Palestinian minority that remained and became citizens of the state.  To confirm that the state of Israel is Jewish, consecutive governments and Legislators made oppression of non-Jewish minorities the norm within the state.

After the state has grown to become the most powerful in the region, militarily and economically – thanks to unlimited and unconditional military and economic support of Western nations – it seems that Israeli leaders no longer care about the claim to be “Democratic” and prefer to give that up in favour of the state being recognized as “Jewish”.

Zionist lies and hypocrisy have finally been uncovered by the state that claims to be “the only democracy in the Middle East”.  In spite of that, it is reasonable to expect that the claim to be “Jewish and Democratic” will continue.  From a humanistic perspective, however, Israeli leaders are shaping the demise of their state by forcefully going in the opposite direction of history.

Back to the future….

When the one-state for all is created, it will be “Democratic” only for all; and none of its citizens will be made to feel that s/he does not belong.  Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Others will live together in peace as equal human beings and be safe, secure, and feel at home.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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مهلاً، سيّدي الرئيس

شاهدنا السيّد الرئيس الفلسطيني محمود عباس (أبو مازن) وهو يلقي كلمته متّهمًا حركة المقاومة الإسلاميّة حماس بالتخطيط لحادثة محاولة اغتيال السيّد رئيس الوزراء الفلسطيني  رامي الحمد الله والسيّد رئيس المخابرات العامّة الفلسطيني ماجد فرج.  سمعنا، بمزيد من القلق، أبو مازن يتكلم عن اتخاذ اجراءات أخرى مضمونها إيقاع المزيد من العقوبات على الشعب الفلسطيني في قطاع غزّة المحاصر

أوّلاً:  لم يقدّم أبو مازن أي دليل مادي أو معلوماتي يدعم اتهامّه حماس بالقيام بذلك العمل الجبان الذي لا يختلف فلسطينيّان على أنّه لا يخدم سوى مصلحة المحتل الغاصب لأرض فلسطين متمثلاً في الدولة الصهيونيّة العنصريّة

ثانيًا:  لو افترضنا جدلًا أن حماس قامت بذلك العمل الجبان، فلا يجوز على الإطلاق أن يوقع أبو مازن عقوبات على الشعب الفلسطيني في غزّة بسبب قيام حماس بتلك الجريمة

أهل غزّة يعانون من الحصار كلّ دقيقة من كلّ ساعة من كلّ يوم في حياتهم.  أبو مازن يعلم حقيقة المعاناة الّتي يعيشها أهل غزّة أكثر من غيره، فكيف يصل به الحال إلى استنتاج أنّ ردّ فعله على محاولة اغتيال الحمد الله يكون بإيقاع المزيد من العقوبات على أهل غزّة

على أبو مازن أن يعلم، إن كان لا يعلم وهو يعلم فليتذكّر، أنّ الشعب الفلسطيني له الحقّ كلّ الحقّ أن يعرف الحقيقة كاملة عن هذا الحادث ومن قاموا به ومن وراءهم، فإن كان لدى أبو مازن أي دليل يجب عليه تقديمه للشعب الفلسطيني.  أمّا إطلاق الاتهامات على عواهنها بلا دليل ولا بيّنة فلا يليق به وأهم من ذلك لا يليق بالشعب الفلسطيني.  من نلحية أخرى، وبغض النظر عن ماهيّة المجرمين الذين خطّطوا هذا العمل الخسيس ونفّذوه سواءً كانوا من حماس أو إسرائيل أو داعش أو غير ذلك، فلا يمكن منطقيًّا ولا قانونيًّا ولا أخلاقيًّا ولا شرعيًّا أن يكون ردّ فعل أبو مازن إيقاع العقاب الجماعي على الشعب الفلسطيني في غزة.  لا ندري كيف وصل أبو مازن إلى النتيجة الّتي وصل إليها متهمًّا حماس، ولا ندري كيف ربط ذلك بقرار معاقبة الشعب الفلسطيني في غزّة

مهلًا، سيّدي الرئيس، وأدعوك إلى مراجعة هذا الموقف وأن تطمئن أهلنا في غزّة أنّك لن توقع أيّ عقوبات من أيّ شكل عليهم، وأنّك تقدّر صبرهم وصمودهم على أرضهم رغم كلّ الجرائم الّتي يرتكبها المحتل الصهيوني في حقّهم.  واعلم، سيّدي الرئيس، أنّه ليس عيبًا أن يتراجع الإنسان عن خطئه، ولكن العيب كلّ العيب أن يصرّ عليه

منذر زمّو
القاهرة ، مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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Time is Running out on the Zionist Experiment in Palestine

Over the past decades, many changes have taken place in the Middle East.  Powers diminished and new ones emerged.  Alliances ended and new ones established.  Once dominant ideologies dissipated and new ones took hold of entire societies.  One constant reality remains the unchanged fact of life in the Middle East; the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  In other words, and perhaps more accurately stated, the Zionist experiment in Palestine and the Palestinian resistance confronting it continue to be the unchanged reality in the Middle East for the last seven decades.

After sifting through all the details within and around the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one can summarise it as the struggle for competition between two basic ideas: (a) an idea that purports the entitlement – for reasons of either supremacy or previous subjugation to injustices – of one identifiable group of human beings over another, or in some cases over all others; and (b) another idea that calls for egalitarian society with equal rights and obligations among all of its members.

By definition, these two ideas are irreconcilable; all attempts to reconcile these two ideas are doomed to failure, and indeed have failed.  Human beings can either be treated equally or not; they cannot be treated equally under certain circumstances and unequally under some other circumstances.

The Zionist experiment in Palestine started with an attempt to establish a national home for Jews in Palestine, in which they can feel and be safe and secure, without negatively impacting the rights of indigenous Palestinians.

Zionist leaders proposed the establishing of a national home for Jews as a solution to what was known in Europe and the Americas as “the Jewish Problem”.  Getting rid of Jews and planting them in Palestine was an attractive proposition to European and American Anti-Semitic leaders.  Antisemitism, which was very real for hundreds of years in Europe and the Americas, generated among Jews a “Jewish Fear” of anything non-Jewish.  Thus, establishing a home for the Jews in Palestine was a welcome solution to all parties, except to the Palestinians who were not consulted and were not party to oppressing Jews and persecuting them.  Nevertheless, and due to the prevailing balance of powers at the time, the Zionist experiment started.

After its early successes, the Zionist experiment evolved into something else.  Jewish Fear did not end.  Many Jews outside the state of Israel continued to feel persecuted and everything non-Jewish appeared to Zionist leaders Antis-Semitic.  Most Israeli Jews continued to feel fearful of living in any society that does not have a solid Jewish majority.  The only way Zionists thought they could eliminate Jewish Fear was to have their own exclusive state.  That resulted in the Zionist experiment developing into a movement of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine, and replacing them with Jews from around the globe.

Palestinian resistance rejecting the Zionist invasion of their homeland never stopped, starting with the early signs of the experiment being implemented to this day, and there are no signs of the Palestinian resistance ending as long as there are Palestinians alive.  Palestinians will accept nothing less than being treated as equal human beings in any society in which they live.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the international consensus to resolve the conflict has been to establish two states; one Jewish and the other Palestinian; and there lies the problem.  With every success the Zionist achieved, they confiscated parts of the territory designated by the United Nations (i.e. international consensus) to the Palestinian state and added it to the state of Israel.  Finally now, the state of Israel has either direct or indirect control over the entire territory of historic Palestine.  Nevertheless, the international consensus persists that resolving the conflict can only be achieved through the two-state concept.

Any serious observer can very easily recognise the facts already established on the grounds that there is no territory left on which the Palestinians would have a viable and contiguous state.  The recent American administration’s (Trump’s) decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel has indeed given the kiss of death to the concept of establishing a Palestinian state without Jerusalem.  The outcome – as it exists now – is clear; the state of Israel exists and controls the entire territory of historic Palestine and there is no sign of this status quo changing in the foreseeable future.

With things as they are today, the best scenario the Zionists could come up with is an apartheid system of government, where Jews are treated favourably and Palestinians are oppressed under some form of Israel-controlled self-government arrangement for the Palestinian population centres.

History tells us that even though human beings might tolerate oppression and persecution for some time, they will not accept such injustice forever.  Palestinians will not accept the Zionist apartheid, and the world will not allow it to persist for a long time.  Honest and justice-loving people all over the planet will resist Israeli apartheid and will end it.  Zionist leaders are blinded by their own successes that materialized from direct, enormous, and unlimited support of the only superpower on the planet Earth.  Those successes appear to have rendered them oblivious to the historic reality that they cannot sustain injustice forever.

One can only hope that Jews around the globe will take charge soon, as time is running out fast, and apply maximum pressure on Zionist leaders to do the right thing – while they can – and correct the path of their experiment in Palestine by establishing a one democratic state for all Israelis and all Palestinians over the entire territory of historic Palestine before it becomes too late to avoid a violent end to the Zionist experiment.

Monzer Zimmo
Cairo, Egypt

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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اسبقوا الأيّام

اسبقوا الأيّام تملّي    وانهضوا بمصر الأصيلة

واكتبوا في المجد غنوة    واحضنوا الدنيا الجميلة

اسبقوا الأيّام…. اسبقوا الأيّام…. اسبقوا الأيّام تملّي

اسبقوا الأيّام وعَدّوا    فوق جسور المستحيل

ابنوا أمجادكم بإيدكم    يفتكركم كلّ جيل

وافتحوا صفحات تاريخكم    وانتو حتلاقوا الدليل

اسبقوا الأيّام…. اسبقوا الأيّام…. اسبقوا الأيّام تملّي

ارفعوا للعلم راية    زوّقوها بالورود

واحرسوها بنور إيمانكم    ينكتب ليها الخلود

تبتسم ليها الليالي    ينحني قصادها الوجود

اسبقوا الأيّام…. اسبقوا الأيّام…. اسبقوا الأيّام تملّي

كلمات: سيّد زهيري
ألحان:  ابراهيم عبد الشفيع
غناء:  سمير الاسكندراني

معاني وألحان حرّكت في أعماقي مشاعر من الزمن الجميل المفعم بالأمل والرجاء، وجعلتني أردّد تلقائيًّا:   الله    الله   الله

منذر زمو
القاهرة / مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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“ولاية سيناء “المؤقّتة

لم تتوقّف أطماع الحركة الصهيونيّة في توسيع رقعة دولة إسرائيل الجغرافيّة منذ نشأتها سنة 1948.  منذ البداية كانت أعين الصهاينة على سيناء، لجغرافيّتها الواسعة وخيراتها الطبيعيّة وقلّة عدد سكانها العرب.  إذا نجحت الحركة الصهيونيّة في بسط سيطرتها على سيناء فإنّها سوف تستكمل الخطوة الأولى من مسعاها لتكون الدولة العظمى في قلب العالم العربي

كانت محاولة إسرائيل الأولى لبسط سيطرتها على سيناء عام 1956 بمشاركة إسرائيل بريطانيا وفرنسا في ما عرف بعد ذلك بالعدوان الثلاثي بعد تأميم مصر شركة قناة السويس البحرية.  حينما رفض البنك الدولي بضغوط من الولايات المتّحدة الأميركيّة تمويل مشروع السد العالي جنوب أسوان لم يكن أمام الزعيم جمال عبد الناصر خيار غير تأميم قناة السويس بغرض توفير التمويل اللازم لإنشاء السد العالي الذي كان ضروريًّا لإنتاج الطاقة الضروريّة للمشاريع التنمويّة في مصر التي كان عبد الناصر يخطّط لإقامتها.  شركة قناة السويس البحريّة كانت مملوكة لبريطانيا وفرنسا ولم يكن لإسرائيل أي تبرير موضوعي أو شكلي كي تشارك في العدوان الثلاثي.  لكن أطماعها في سيناء دعتها للمشاركة في العدوان الثلاثي على مصر.  بسطت إسرائيل سيطرتها على سيناء الّتي كانت من نصيبها بعد العدوان الثلاثي على مصر، وتمركزت القوات البريطانيّة والفرنسيّة على قناة السويس من بور سعيد إلى السويس.  لكنّ إسرائيل لم تتمكّن من تثبيت سيطرتها على سيناء بسبب المقاومة الشعبيّة وكذلك نتيجة رفض المجتمع الدولي تلك السيطرة، وقد ساعد اتّفاق الولايات المتّحدة الأميركيّة والاتحاد السوفييتي على ضرورة انسحاب القوى المعتدية بما في ذلك انسحاب إسرائيل من سيناء، فشل العدوان الثلاثي وفشلت محاولة إسرائيل الأولى لاستلاب سيناء

جاءت محاولة أسرائيل الثانية لبسط سيطرتها على سيناء عام 1967 في ما عرف بعد ذلك بحرب الأيام الستّة التي كانت نتيجتها سيطرة إسرائيل على كامل أرض فلسطين التاريخيّة بما في ذلك قطاع غزّة والضفة الغربيّة والقدس إلى جانب مرتفعات الجولان السوريّة ومزارع شبعا اللبنانيّة وسيناء المصريّة.  استمرّت سيطرة إسرائيل على سيناء حتى عام 1973 في ما عرف بعد ذلك بحرب اكتوبر التي استطاعت فيها القوات المسلّحة المصريّة من العبور إلى سيناء وتحرير مناطق واسعة منها بعد تحطيم “خط بارليف” الأسطوري الذي أقامته إسرائيل على الضفة الشرقيّة لقناة السويس.  ثمّ استكملت مصر تحرير سيناء من الاحتلال الإسرائيلي بالكامل بعد اتفاقيّات كامب ديفد وبعد قضاء التحكيم الدولي بأن طابا أرض مصريّة، وخرج آخر جندي إسرائيلي من طابا، سيناء يوم 19 مارس من عام 1989، وفشلت محاولة إسرائيل الثانية لاستلاب سيناء

أمّا المحاولة الثالثة فهي ما نشاهده هذه الأيّام.  ما يلي في هذا المقال وجهة نظر الكاتب وقراءته لما يحدث، وليس ادّعاء بالحصول على معلومات استخباراتيّة لا يعلمها سوى القليل ممّن يخطّطون للسيطرة الإسرائيليّة على سيناء، فاستوجب التنويه

وجود إرهابيّين في سيناء ومحاولاتهم السيطرة عليها بأساليبهم غير التقليديّة مؤشّر على وجود قوّة – ذات مصلحة مباشرة – تدعمهم في محاولة عزل سيناء عن مصر، تمهيدًا لإقامة إمارة سيناء التي – إن تحقّقت – لن يدخلها مصري إلا بعد سماحهم له بذلك.  إذا نجح الإرهابيّون في عزل سيناء عن مصر وإذا بسط الإرهابيّون سيطرتهم عليها، وإذا صارت ولاية سيناء حقيقة واقعة خارج نطاق السيطرة المصريّة لفترة طويلة نسبيًّا، تكون سيناء قد أمست صيدًا سهلًا للتدخّل الإسرائيلي تحت أيّ مبرّر، ولا شيء أسهل على إسرائيل من اختلاق المبرّرات للقيام بتلك الخطوة الأخيرة لبسط سيطرتها على سيناء.  عليه، فإمارة سيناء لن تكون – إن قامت – سوى إمارة مؤقّتة تحضيرًا لسيطرة إسرائيل على سيناء

ما سبق الإشارة إليه أعلاه أنّه المحاولة الإسرائيليّة الثالثة ليس إلا قراءة الكاتب لما يراه من مجريات الأحداث في سيناء.  لكنّ تخطيطهم – لو كانت قراءة الكاتب صحيحة – لن يتحقّق، فالقوات المسلّحة المصرية لهم بالمرصاد ومن ورائها الشعب المصري والشعوب العربيّة كافة، ولن يكون لهم ما يخطّطون، وسوف تتحرّر سيناء من الإرهابيّين بأيدي أبناء مصر البررة وسوف تعمّها التنمية اللازمة لتعود أرض الفيروز إلى حضن الوطن وتنتهي أحلام الحركة الصهيونيّة وأطماعها فيها إلى الأبد، لتبدأ بعد ذلك تراجعات الحركة الصهيونيّة وصولًا إلى انهيار الفكر الصهيوني العنصري وانتصار العدل والسلام للجميع

منذر زمّو
القاهرة / مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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“Is Ahed Tamimi really Palestinian?” … Interesting!

Under this provocative title “Is Ahed Tamimi really Palestinian?” Peter Larson of Canada Talks Israel/Palestine wrote:  Sixteen year old Ahed Tamimi became a poster girl for the new Palestinian resistance after she was videoed defending her brother and family by defiantly slapping an Israeli soldier on her family property in the West Bank in December.  Senior Israeli politicians argued to CBC that she is too “western looking” to really be Palestinian.

After reading Peter’s article, I felt I had to comment.

“Is Ahed Tamimi really Palestinian?” …. Interesting!

What if she is?  What if she were not?  Does that change the nature of Israeli occupation?  Does that make the Israeli style of apartheid more or less brutal?

Ahed Tamimi is just one child among millions of Palestinian children who suffer daily humiliation by Israeli occupation soldiers.  They also witness, first hand, their family members and relatives suffer the indignities of check points and inhumane treatments by Israeli soldiers at every point of contact.

For more than seventy years, Zionists have mastered the “art” of changing the subject to divert public attention in western countries from the real issue to some other side issue, no matter how irrelevant it might be.  This time, they are really stuck.  Blond… blue-eyed… western-dressed… give me a break!

Ahed Tamimi is Palestinian whose beautiful defiant look is rooted in the just cause she defends.  She only demands that her and her family’s equal humanity be recognized and respected.

Monzer Zimmo
Cairo, Egypt

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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The flawed logic of Holocaust deniers and hateful strategies

Some Jew-haters pretend to support the Palestinian cause, and use such support to attract other Palestine supporters to their hateful agenda.  To all such people, I say:  Take a hike; the Palestinian people neither need nor seek your support.  We can do just fine without your hate; thanks, but no thanks!

Those people’s flawed logic assumes that since Jews were the principal beneficiaries from the Zionist experiment in Palestine – that resulted in An-Nakba (the catastrophe) for the Palestinian people – it therefore makes Jews (all Jews) enemies of the Palestinians.  Their logic further assumes that since they hate Jews and since Jews must be enemies of the Palestinians because they benefited from An-Nakba, that should make the Palestinians agree on promoting the haters’ objective; i.e. to label all Jews as evil.

Furthermore, since their flawed logic concludes that all Jews are evil, then Jews must also be liars.  That flawed logic extends the lying characteristic from individual Jews to all Jewish groups and organizations, including Zionist organizations.  And since Zionist organizations use the Holocaust to explain, defend, and justify actions and policies of the state of Israel – no matter how unjust such actions and policies might be to Palestinians – it would be, the flawed logic continues, in the best interest of the Palestinian people to deny the Holocaust; in order to disarm Zionists from a very effective weapon in defending and “justifying” acts of injustice, discrimination, racism, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, oppression, occupation, and persecution that are perpetrated by the state of Israel on a daily basis for more than seven decades against the Palestinian people.

Indeed, some Palestinians and Palestine supporters have been sympathetic to that flawed logic.  What they did not realize is the fact that they have fallen right into the hands of the very people they wish to expose by denying the Holocaust ever happened.  Facing the overwhelming evidence of Jewish persecution in Europe, some accept that Jewish suffering did occur, but they question the number of six million Jews having perished at the hands of the Nazis.  Many Palestinians and Palestine supporters either deny the Holocaust outright or question the accuracy of stories of Jewish suffering that when assembled together define the Holocaust tragedy.  Either way, their objective is obvious.

The truth is that the Holocaust is a historic fact representing a dark chapter of European history.  While the Holocaust motivated millions of Jews to seek a safe haven in Palestine, it is not a liability to the Palestinian people.  To the contrary, it can be one of the Palestinian assets, as the Palestinian people assert their equal humanity to that of the Jews and everyone else on the planet Earth.  Accepting the historic truth of the Holocaust tragedy is among the best approaches to close the gap of mistrust between the Palestinian people and their Israeli oppressors, as Palestinians struggle to convince their oppressors of the equal humanity of both peoples.  The fact that the Palestinian people had absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust makes Palestinian suffering at the hands of its victims a by-product of that human tragedy; the Holocaust was among the principal factors that facilitated bringing An-Nakba to Palestine.

Wasting so much energy on denying the Holocaust, and then offering an argument that the perpetrators of that human tragedy should pay the price for their crime – not the Palestinian people – is logically flawed and is, at best, confusing.  Arguing that the Palestinian people should not be made to pay for the crime of the Holocaust can only be logical after accepting the historic fact of that human tragedy.  Indeed, that is the proper approach to bringing the Holocaust into the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; i.e. first, accepting it as a historic fact and second, advocating that Palestinians should not be penalized for the crime of others.

Support to the Palestinian cause is not welcome if it is motivated by a hateful agenda towards the Jews.  It is only welcome when it is based on supporting the principle of common humanity and justice for all.  Hating Israeli Jews for what their successive governments, their political parties, and the founders of their state have done, and are still doing, to the Palestinian people is the easy way out; but it is also the wrong way that will perpetuate the conflict.  Believing in equal humanity for all and working hard on convincing Israeli Jews of the common humanity of Jews and Palestinians will have a better chance of success in ending the conflict.  Resigning to feelings of hate might represent some expedient way to serve another agenda that would be morally and ethically harmful to the Palestinian cause; both in the short-term and long-term.  Palestinians have lost all material things; their land, their homes, their farms, their schools, their neighbourhoods, their villages, their towns, their businesses, their cultural centres, their livelihoods, etc.  The things to which Palestinians continue to hold on for dear life are the things that no power on earth can take away from them; their dignity, their memories, their honour, their faith, their morals, their ethics, their values, and their humanity.

Hating Jews for their Jewishness does not make the hater a friend of the Palestinians.  Supporters of the Palestinian cause are our friend when they adhere to our values of honesty, fairness, justice, truth, and equal humanity for all.  For their hate, haters should seek some professional help; not turn our just cause into a tool to spread their hateful agenda.

When justice eventually prevails – and it will – the Palestinian people will look back on these decades of being dispossessed, oppressed, occupied, and persecuted with sorrow but also with pride.  They will evaluate themselves, their behaviour, and their value systems.  Palestinians do not want to feel guilty; they do not want to search for excuses and justifications of allying themselves with hateful forces for expediency; they do not want to be ashamed of their history; Palestinians want to feel proud, just, and human.

Monzer Zimmo

Cairo, Egypt

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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جمال عبد الناصر وسوريا

وستبقى دائمًا دمشق قلب العروبة النابض

كلمات تخترق أبعاد الزمان والمكان لترسّخ حقيقة تاريخيّة

منذر زمّو
القاهرة، مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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ماذا بعد إعلان موت حلّ الدولتين في فلسطين

لقد حان وقت توحيد خط النضال الفلسطيني في الوطن والمهاجر للتصدّي للهجمة الصهيونيّة العنصريّة على فلسطين.  بعد أن أمسى واضحًا للعالم أجمع أنّ حلّ الدولتين انتهى وأنّه فقد كلّ عناصر نجاحه وأنّ دولة إسرائيل تحكم وتتحكّم وتسيطر عسكريًّا وأمنيًّا وإداريًّا واقتصاديًّأ على كامل أرض فلسطين التاريخيّة، بما في ذلك قطاع غزّة والضفّة الغربيّة والداخل الفلسيطيني (1948)، فقد عاد الوضوح إلى واقع التناقض الأساس في مسألة الصراغ الفلسطيني مع الهجمة الصهيونيّة العنصريّة

دولة إسرائيل لها هدف واضح وأساسي في التعامل مع الفلسطينيّين، ألا وهو طرد معظم الفلسطينيّين من أرض فلسطين بأسلوب التطهير العرقي والإبقاء على العنصر اليهودي فيها وضمان استمرار الأغلبيّة اليهوديّة الصلبة  الى الأبد

الفلسطينيّون أيضًا -بعد انتهاء أوهام حلّ الدولتين – يجب أن يكون لهم هدف واضح وأساسي، ألا وهو العيش في وطنهم بحريّة كاملة في ظلّ نظام ديمقراطي يتساوى فيه الجميع بغض النظر عن الانتماء الديني أو العرقي، ويكون أفراد المجتمع متساوين في الحقوق والواجبات مساواةً تامّة بلا فرق ولا تمييز بين اليهود والمسيحيّين والمسلمين وغيرهم

الدولة الواحدة للجميع موجودة ولا ننادي بالبحث عنها في المثاليّات، بل علينا أن نناضل من أجل تقويم القوانين فيها لتحقيق المساواة التامّة بين الجميع، بحيث ألا يكون فيها درجات مختلفة أو متفاوتة في المواطنة بين مواطنيها.  نريد أن ترسّخ القوانين في هذه الدولة الموجودة فعلاً الممارسة الديمقراطيّة واحترام حقوق الإنسان والالتزام بإحقاق حقوق الأقليّات بعيدًا عن أي نوع من أنواع التمييز عرقيًّا أو دينيًّا أو غير ذلك

لقد حان الوقت أن يقف الفلسطينيّون معًا وراء هذه الرسالة الإنسانيّة وأن ينتهي إلى غير رجعة الفصل النضالي بين فلسطينيّي الداخل (1948) وفلسطينّي غزّة وفلسطينيّي الضفّة الغربيّة وفلسطينيّي المخيّمات وفلسطينيّي المهاجر، وأن تكون رسالتهم موحّدة في المناداة بالمساواة التامّة، وأن يجمعوا في صفوفهم كلّ من يقبل هذه النظرة من اليهود والمسيحيّين والمسلمين وغيرهم

منذر زمّو
القاهرة / مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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