Richard Becker: Palestine, Israel and the US Empire

First circulated:  2010/04/17

This is a brief but comprehensive analysis of the conflict in the Middle East.  For understanding the overall picture, including the roots of US involvement in the conflict, this interview of less than half an hour with Richard Becker – about his book “Palestine, Israel and the US Empire” – uncovers a wealth of information that is rarely matched in the available literature, lectures, and presentations of the same size about the conflict in the Middle East.  Every word spoken by Richard Becker in his succinct presentation is based on undisputed historic facts.

Listen and reflect:

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

About Alcanaanite

Monzer Zimmo, a Palestinian-Canadian living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Monzer is an advocate of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the peaceful creation of a bi-national-democratic state on all the territory of historic Palestine, where Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others live together as equal citizens; be and feel safe, secure, and at home.
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