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Is Israel legitimate?

Legitimacy is a value-loaded term that cannot be about peoples or states who either exist or not.  Legitimacy is about the actions of peoples and states; not about their existence. Are Muslims legitimate?  Are Jews legitimate?  Are Baha’is legitimate?  Are Martians legitimate?  … Continue reading

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Canada’s Humiliation at UN Caused by Policies not Personalities

In reaction to Canada’s first humiliation ever at the United Nations earlier today the prime minister’s office is blaming Michael Ignatieff.  Instead of looking at the mirror; instead of searching for the real reasons; Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pointing to others. … Continue reading

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Avnery’s Forecast of that which Netanyahu will not do

In his most recent piece, Uri Avnery – the man whom I describe as the most eloquent of the two-state advocates – offered his readers a fascinating reading of the “real Netanyahu”.  Under the title “His Father’s Boy”, Avnery introduces his observations of the motivations behind … Continue reading

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Mahmoud Abbas seems to be on the right track

Haaretz newspaper reported that the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas told George Mitchell, the American envoy to the Middle East, that in the event the Israeli government continues its settlement activities in the West Bank, he (Abbas) will resign the office … Continue reading

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What Can Mahmoud Abbas do?

September 26th, 2010 has come and gone; apparently, it was just another day!  The so-called Israeli settlement freeze in the West Bank expired and was not extended.  Israeli bulldozers, construction equipment, and building materials have been moved into the West Bank … Continue reading

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