Palestinians and Zionists – the Anomaly of Agreement

Many Palestinians, some of whom I have come to deeply respect over the years for their lifelong dedication in serving the cause of justice for the Palestinian people, have taken a strong position in opposition to the initiative of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) that is aimed at seeking recognition by, and full membership in, the United Nations (UN) later this month (September 2011).  I support the PLO’s initiative and am able to see the good that will come out of it, regardless of whether it is successful or otherwise.

I have no problem reconciling my support for the PLO’s initiative with my strong belief that the only ultimate resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is in the creation of a one-democratic-bi-national-state for all rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and based on the common humanity of all; Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others.

Furthermore, I understand the reasons and motivations that drive hardline Zionist leaders to do everything in their power to stop the PLO’s initiative.  More significantly, I am quite comfortable that my position – in support of the PLO’s initiative at the UN – is diametrically opposite theirs.

For those Palestinians who stand firm in their opposition to the PLO’s initiative, I have a question:  How do you reconcile your position against the Zionist ideology with the fact that you and Benjamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman, Ehud Barak, and Lee Rosenberg agree on opposing the PLO’s initiative?  Is it possible that Netanyahu opposes something that is harmful to the interests of Palestinians?  Is it possible that Lieberman rejects something that is damaging to the Palestinian cause?  Is it possible that Barak stands against something that threatens the rights of Palestinian refugees?  Is it possible that Rosenberg is utilizing all resources of the Zionist lobby in the United States of America in an attempt to stop something that is injurious to the rights of the Palestinian people?  Or is it possible that those Zionist leaders, their legal advisors, their political consultants, their strategists, and the institutions that support them are simply stupid and do not know that they oppose an initiative that is good for the Zionist experiment in Palestine?  Can anyone offer an explanation of this anomaly?

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

About Alcanaanite

Monzer Zimmo, a Palestinian-Canadian living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Monzer is an advocate of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the peaceful creation of a bi-national-democratic state on all the territory of historic Palestine, where Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others live together as equal citizens; be and feel safe, secure, and at home.
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1 Response to Palestinians and Zionists – the Anomaly of Agreement

  1. I am also in support of the Initiative decided by the PLO to go ahead to the UN for recognition even if unilateral. The Zionist Israelis did the same thing years ago and no one objected to their approach, naturally supported by the bankrupt both politically and financially the US. Moreoever Israel’s acceptance by the UN was conditional yet never implemented.
    The present PLO leaders had no choice but to to take this venue, which will activate the long outstanding dossier now in the UN archives…! Moreover it is creating an embarassment for the American Administration, especially that the EU is undecided yet in favour to a certain extent. Even if the US uses its Veto power against membership, the UN cannot reject the request for recognition with over the required votes are in favour.
    In God We Trust!
    Dear Monzer, Keep up the good work, it will be compensated.
    Nicolas A. Sayegh
    Task force for Jerusalem

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