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About Shahab-Uddini and his Brother – Fatah and Hamas

I woke up this morning to a piece of good news from Cairo; Fatah and Hamas reached an agreement on the return of the Palestinian National Authority (commonly referred to as the PA) to Gaza.  Indeed, any agreement between Fatah … Continue reading

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New Suez Canal Project: Egyptians’ new way of voting!

The New Suez Canal project that aims to more than triple the efficiency of the existing Suez Canal is the largest construction project on the face of the planet today.  To measure that potential improvement in operational efficiency of the … Continue reading

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Egypt versus Turkey on Palestine

When I started writing this piece, a sound from deep inside my soul came out:  Are you serious?  Are you about to compare Egyptian position to Turkey’s position on Palestine?  Where were you living for the last sixty-five years?  Didn’t … Continue reading

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إلى الرئيس عبد الفتّاح السيسي: افتح المجال للعرب للمساهمة في مشروع قناة السويس

كثيرون منّا (نحن العرب غير المصريّين) يريدون المساهمة في مشروع قناة السويس الجديدة ولا نستطيع، حيث أنّ شراء شهادات استثمار قناة السويس مقتصر على المصريّين فقط.  هذا المشروع العملاق الّذي بدأ العمل به فعلاً يهدف إلى رفع كفاءة القناة وزيادة … Continue reading

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One-state, two-state… what is this all about?

One cannot help admiring the persistence and capacity of many people who continue on with their message of justice-based peace for all in Israel/Palestine.  They do so in spite of their full knowledge of the brutal reality of the founding … Continue reading

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