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Egypt Will Prevail

No words! The pain is too sharp for words; the anger is too deep for words; the fury is too great for words; and Egypt’s loss of some of her best sons to terrorism on Friday, October 24, 2014 at … Continue reading

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Muslim-Canadian Communities and ISIL-Inspired Terrorism

Yesterday, Wednesday October 22, 2014, will be remembered in history as the day when Canada has changed.  The unlikely cause of this change is the terrorist group calling itself the Islamic State in the Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Individual … Continue reading

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Terry Galvin is Wrong on CJPME

Letter to the editor The Ottawa Citizen It is disappointing, to put mildly, to read Terry Galvin’s piece in today’s Ottawa Citizen attacking an organization that has earned the respect of so many Canadians.  Why is it that when someone … Continue reading

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Is Egypt on the right track towards democracy?

Some writers, political analysts, and public affairs observers, who live in Egypt, feel free to write and publish their writings about what they claim to be an oppressive regime that is attacking liberty, freedom, and has no tolerance for any … Continue reading

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The Professional Revolutionaries

Oppose, reject, refuse, revolt, and stand against anything and everything anytime and all the time… that is what these days’ “revolutionaries” do.  Nothing short of total agreement with their perspective would suffice.  Words like “compromise”, “flexibility”, or “give and take” … Continue reading

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