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AlJazeera English – Palestinians bid Jon Stewart a fond farewell

Yesterday (August 7, 2015), AlJazeera English published the following article written by Amer Zahr, a Palestinian-American stand-up comedian and law professor: Mr. Zahr wrote: Apart from the constant aerial bombardments and denials of our rights by Israel, we Palestinians … Continue reading

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عبد الفتّاح السيسي – ماذا يريد من الشعب المصري وماذا يريد له؟

بعيدًا عن هتافات المصفّقين وعن نفاق المهلّلين الّذين يحاولون صناعة نصف إله من الرئيس المصري عبد الفتّاح السيسي، وكذلك بعيدًا عن كره الحاقدين وعن تشويه المتأسلمين الّذين يحاولون تصويره وكأنّه المسيح الدّجّال، نحاول تقديم السيسي بموضوعية المراقب من خلال كلماته … Continue reading

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Egypt Deserves to be Happy Today

August 6, 2015 is a day that will be remembered as the day on which Egyptians have completed their first giant step towards a better future.  Today, the New Suez Canal will be officially opened. The Egyptian people are celebrating … Continue reading

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Gideon Levy: All Israelis are guilty for setting a Palestinian family on fire

Even though I have reservations on any “generalization”, Levy’s point is understood.  Here is an Israeli-Jew with a conscience attempting to awaken the human spirit among his fellow Israeli-Jews.  Mr. Gideon Levy wrote (in Haaretz) a piece titled “All Israelis … Continue reading

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