Trump, the Imbecile Bully, and ISIL

There is one thing that would be more dangerous to the security of the United States of America, and indeed that of the entire world, than the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL); president Trump.

If Donald Trump succeeds in spreading fear among the American public to the point of driving them to elect him the next president, he will become the best recruiting tool for ISIL and other groups to recruit more misguided young Americans and others to join their deadly cause.

Trump is a bully whose idea of dealing with a few twisted individuals is to wage war against an entire religion to which such individuals claim to belong.  Trump’s way of thinking stands contrary to all the values and principles that made the United States of America the greatest country in the world.

ISIL is a cult of losers whose idea of religion is rooted in hate and intolerance.  Its ideology stands in direct conflict with the values and principles of Islam.  More than 1,500,000,000 Muslims around the Globe reject ISIL, its cowardly terrorist tactics, and its hateful ideology.

Trump and ISIL feed on each other.  He benefits from ISIL’s terrorist attacks to justify his Islamophobia, and ISIL benefits from Trump’s rhetoric to strengthen and widen its recruiting operations.

Two facts have been omitted in the rhetoric spread by Trump and his supporters:  First, the number of ISIL’s Muslim victims is several times greater than its non-Muslim victims.  Second, the foot soldiers on the grounds that are fighting ISIL today in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Egypt are Arab soldiers the massive majority of whom are Muslims.  These two facts alone render Trump imbecile, if not much worse.

Trump and ISIL will be rejected; Americans will reject Trump and everything he represents, and Muslims will reject ISIL and everything it represents.  They will both disappear in the garbage bin of history with nothing to remember about them except the lesson that their types must never be allowed to emerge ever again.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


About Alcanaanite

Monzer Zimmo, a Palestinian-Canadian living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Monzer is an advocate of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the peaceful creation of a bi-national-democratic state on all the territory of historic Palestine, where Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others live together as equal citizens; be and feel safe, secure, and at home.
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