“Is Ahed Tamimi really Palestinian?” … Interesting!

Under this provocative title “Is Ahed Tamimi really Palestinian?” Peter Larson of Canada Talks Israel/Palestine wrote:  Sixteen year old Ahed Tamimi became a poster girl for the new Palestinian resistance after she was videoed defending her brother and family by defiantly slapping an Israeli soldier on her family property in the West Bank in December.  Senior Israeli politicians argued to CBC that she is too “western looking” to really be Palestinian.

After reading Peter’s article, I felt I had to comment.

“Is Ahed Tamimi really Palestinian?” …. Interesting!

What if she is?  What if she were not?  Does that change the nature of Israeli occupation?  Does that make the Israeli style of apartheid more or less brutal?

Ahed Tamimi is just one child among millions of Palestinian children who suffer daily humiliation by Israeli occupation soldiers.  They also witness, first hand, their family members and relatives suffer the indignities of check points and inhumane treatments by Israeli soldiers at every point of contact.

For more than seventy years, Zionists have mastered the “art” of changing the subject to divert public attention in western countries from the real issue to some other side issue, no matter how irrelevant it might be.  This time, they are really stuck.  Blond… blue-eyed… western-dressed… give me a break!

Ahed Tamimi is Palestinian whose beautiful defiant look is rooted in the just cause she defends.  She only demands that her and her family’s equal humanity be recognized and respected.

Monzer Zimmo
Cairo, Egypt

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

About Alcanaanite

Monzer Zimmo, a Palestinian-Canadian living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Monzer is an advocate of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the peaceful creation of a bi-national-democratic state on all the territory of historic Palestine, where Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others live together as equal citizens; be and feel safe, secure, and at home.
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1 Response to “Is Ahed Tamimi really Palestinian?” … Interesting!

  1. Peter Larson says:

    Good comment. It shouldnt matter at all. But it does, and she is scaring the hell out of the Zionists.

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