Time is Running out on the Zionist Experiment in Palestine

Over the past decades, many changes have taken place in the Middle East.  Powers diminished and new ones emerged.  Alliances ended and new ones established.  Once dominant ideologies dissipated and new ones took hold of entire societies.  One constant reality remains the unchanged fact of life in the Middle East; the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  In other words, and perhaps more accurately stated, the Zionist experiment in Palestine and the Palestinian resistance confronting it continue to be the unchanged reality in the Middle East for the last seven decades.

After sifting through all the details within and around the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one can summarise it as the struggle for competition between two basic ideas: (a) an idea that purports the entitlement – for reasons of either supremacy or previous subjugation to injustices – of one identifiable group of human beings over another, or in some cases over all others; and (b) another idea that calls for egalitarian society with equal rights and obligations among all of its members.

By definition, these two ideas are irreconcilable; all attempts to reconcile these two ideas are doomed to failure, and indeed have failed.  Human beings can either be treated equally or not; they cannot be treated equally under certain circumstances and unequally under some other circumstances.

The Zionist experiment in Palestine started with an attempt to establish a national home for Jews in Palestine, in which they can feel and be safe and secure, without negatively impacting the rights of indigenous Palestinians.

Zionist leaders proposed the establishing of a national home for Jews as a solution to what was known in Europe and the Americas as “the Jewish Problem”.  Getting rid of Jews and planting them in Palestine was an attractive proposition to European and American Anti-Semitic leaders.  Antisemitism, which was very real for hundreds of years in Europe and the Americas, generated among Jews a “Jewish Fear” of anything non-Jewish.  Thus, establishing a home for the Jews in Palestine was a welcome solution to all parties, except to the Palestinians who were not consulted and were not party to oppressing Jews and persecuting them.  Nevertheless, and due to the prevailing balance of powers at the time, the Zionist experiment started.

After its early successes, the Zionist experiment evolved into something else.  Jewish Fear did not end.  Many Jews outside the state of Israel continued to feel persecuted and everything non-Jewish appeared to Zionist leaders Antis-Semitic.  Most Israeli Jews continued to feel fearful of living in any society that does not have a solid Jewish majority.  The only way Zionists thought they could eliminate Jewish Fear was to have their own exclusive state.  That resulted in the Zionist experiment developing into a movement of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine, and replacing them with Jews from around the globe.

Palestinian resistance rejecting the Zionist invasion of their homeland never stopped, starting with the early signs of the experiment being implemented to this day, and there are no signs of the Palestinian resistance ending as long as there are Palestinians alive.  Palestinians will accept nothing less than being treated as equal human beings in any society in which they live.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the international consensus to resolve the conflict has been to establish two states; one Jewish and the other Palestinian; and there lies the problem.  With every success the Zionist achieved, they confiscated parts of the territory designated by the United Nations (i.e. international consensus) to the Palestinian state and added it to the state of Israel.  Finally now, the state of Israel has either direct or indirect control over the entire territory of historic Palestine.  Nevertheless, the international consensus persists that resolving the conflict can only be achieved through the two-state concept.

Any serious observer can very easily recognise the facts already established on the grounds that there is no territory left on which the Palestinians would have a viable and contiguous state.  The recent American administration’s (Trump’s) decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel has indeed given the kiss of death to the concept of establishing a Palestinian state without Jerusalem.  The outcome – as it exists now – is clear; the state of Israel exists and controls the entire territory of historic Palestine and there is no sign of this status quo changing in the foreseeable future.

With things as they are today, the best scenario the Zionists could come up with is an apartheid system of government, where Jews are treated favourably and Palestinians are oppressed under some form of Israel-controlled self-government arrangement for the Palestinian population centres.

History tells us that even though human beings might tolerate oppression and persecution for some time, they will not accept such injustice forever.  Palestinians will not accept the Zionist apartheid, and the world will not allow it to persist for a long time.  Honest and justice-loving people all over the planet will resist Israeli apartheid and will end it.  Zionist leaders are blinded by their own successes that materialized from direct, enormous, and unlimited support of the only superpower on the planet Earth.  Those successes appear to have rendered them oblivious to the historic reality that they cannot sustain injustice forever.

One can only hope that Jews around the globe will take charge soon, as time is running out fast, and apply maximum pressure on Zionist leaders to do the right thing – while they can – and correct the path of their experiment in Palestine by establishing a one democratic state for all Israelis and all Palestinians over the entire territory of historic Palestine before it becomes too late to avoid a violent end to the Zionist experiment.

Monzer Zimmo
Cairo, Egypt

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


About Alcanaanite

Monzer Zimmo, a Palestinian-Canadian living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Monzer is an advocate of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the peaceful creation of a bi-national-democratic state on all the territory of historic Palestine, where Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others live together as equal citizens; be and feel safe, secure, and at home.
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2 Responses to Time is Running out on the Zionist Experiment in Palestine

  1. chris says:

    I say, the Zionist leaders cannot and will not correct the path of their experiment in Palestine. They had many chances to do so in the past 70 years, and refused to take all of them. Beirut 2002 is one example. The only way to liberate Jews and Arabs of Palestine is through revolutionary struggle.

    • Alcanaanite says:

      I would not give up on all Jews inside and outside historic Palestine. With sufficient pressure from them, Zionist leaders would not have a choice. However, the issue of Jewish Fear must be dealt with and addressed carefully. Arabs and Palestinians have a responsibility to be part of assuring Jews in order to minimize – if not eliminate – the impact of Jewish Fear. After all, Jews are human beings capable of changing their direction and appreciating other human beings’ (i.e. Palestinians’) needs. The alternatives are not very pretty.

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