Near Future of Palestinian-Israeli Conflict – No Solution

It has been evident for some time that the powers that be within the international Zionist movement have decided to manage the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; not solve it.  They could have moved towards solving it after the Oslo Accords in 1993 and 1995.  They could have moved towards solving it after the Arab Peace Initiative in 2002 that was subsequently called the 57-state solution; referencing all Arab and Muslim countries that endorsed and adopted the Initiative.  Instead, Zionist leaders seem to have decided that it would be more “profitable” and more beneficial for them to keep the conflict alive and manage it by dealing with all new developments in accordance with what they consider to be the best interest of the state Israel.  Israeli leaders dealt with the endless charade of “peace process” as part and parcel of managing the conflict; not solving it.  They preferred a permanent “peace process” that never brings the conflict to an end; it just attempts to sometimes soften the harsh impact of the oppressor’s actions against the oppressed with all parties acknowledging that oppression is the norm in the relationship.  As one Palestinian put it, the Israelis took three-quarters of the “Pizza” and started negotiating on the fourth quarter while continuing to eat that last quarter.

And since they enjoy the unconditional support of the only super power on the planet as well as various levels of support of all other powerful countries, including the covert support of many Arab and Muslim countries, the Zionists do not feel the urgency of having to solve the conflict.  They have successfully employed Jewish suffering over the centuries; including the Holocaust of the last century to serve their purposes, thereby securing the support that we witness at various levels today by all world powers to the state of Israel.  With that overwhelming support, that is – strangely enough – always denied by Israeli leaders, there is no urgency or motive in the Zionist’s agenda to solve the conflict.  Simply put, using the language of the powerful, there is no incentive for them to solve the conflict; for there is no room in their minds to human values or to doing good, especially while facing what they consider to be existential threats.  Most Zionists seem to believe that they can manage the conflict until the end of time; all they need to do in the meantime is keep the state of Israel strong militarily and economically.

The Zionists do not trust anyone, especially Palestinians.  They believe that all non-Jews are up to destroy Jews and Judaism, and the state of Israel is only the first target.  They are terrified and see every threat – no matter how minor it might be – as an existential threat; even the birth of a Palestinian baby is seen by them as an existential threat to the Jewish character of the state of Israel.  With that in mind, they feel that the only viable path forward for them is a continuous war with non-Jews.  This war takes many shapes, and its ugliest form is the one waged against Palestinians whom they see as the imminent existential threat to their dream of a “pure” Jewish state, in which Jews can “finally” live in peace and security away from all dangers.

Many Jews, including some Zionists, understand the paranoia felt by Zionist leaders and consider such ideology to be absurd and dangerous as in reality it has the potential of putting the lives of millions of Jews at risk.  But there aren’t enough of those to force decision makers among the Zionist apparatus to take a different direction.

That is why future – especially near future – of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict looks bleak.  However, the hope remains that – sooner or later – humanity within us all will win.  When that hope is realized, the principle of equal humanity for all will flourish.  Unfortunately, that day seems far away in the distant future; but that ray of hope is strong enough to reach us, in the here and now, so that we can see that promising future for all Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others living together in the Holy Land as equal human beings.

Am I dreaming of Utopia?  Maybe; but it beats living with despair each and every time!

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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حريّة التفكير وحريّة التعبير في مصر

أتّفق مع إسلام بحيري في بعض ما يقول وأختلف معه في كثير ممّا يقول.  لا يعجبني أسلوبه ولا أرى ما يثير الإعجاب في كثيرٍ من ألفاظه.  لكنّي أقدّس حقّه وحقّ غيره ممّن يتّفقون معه وممّن يختلفون معه في اعتناق ما يروق لهم من أفكار وكذلك حقّهم في التعبير عن أفكارهم بحرّيّة تامّة وبدون خوف من أيّ نوع من أنواع التهديد أو الوعيد من أفراد أو جماعات أو من الدول الّتي يعيشون فيها

حبس إسلام بحيري بتهمة إزدراء الدين الإسلامي أخطر ما يهدّد مصر في عهد ما بعد 25 يناير 2011 و 30 يونيو 2013.  هذه سقطة كبيرة للقضاء المصري لا تليق بمصر ولا تتناسب مع مكانة أكبر وأعرق دولة عربيّة وسوف يرفضها المصريّون وسوف يصحّحوا هذا التعسّف وسوف ينتهي هذا التعدّي على الحرّيّات عاجلاً أم آجلاً

منذر زمّو
القاهرة / مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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Gideon Levy: The Single-state Solution Is Already Here

Finally, the one-state option to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is starting to look possible – even though it might not be preferable – in the eyes of mainstream media.  Gideon Levy wrote the following article in Haaretz on October 17, 2015.  Those of us – who advocated for the one-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – knew it all along; one state with equal rights for all; a state whose laws are rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and whose structure is constitutionally guaranteed and institutionally secured.  Gideon Levy is probably one of the very few who can see beyond the ability of the majority, but he will be proven right.  There is simply no other alternative, except perpetual war, death, destruction, injustice, occupation, racism, discrimination, suffering, and no hope for better future on both sides of the conflict.  The sooner the majority recognizes that unescapable truth, the better lives Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others in the Holly Land will have.  Doubters might not see the possibility of one state for all near, but we know that it is the only possible solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; no matter how long time, fear, and mistrust on both sides separate us from realizing it.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


The Single-state Solution Is Already Here

Now, of all times, out of the fire and despair, we must start talking about the last way out: one Israeli state with equal rights for both Jews and Arabs.

Gideon Levy

Oct 17, 2015 8:28 PM

Here is irrefutable proof that the one-state solution should not even be considered: the bloodshed, hatred and fear currently washing over the country. Advocates of the two-state solution and, especially, those who seek no solution, those Israelis who saw the one-state solution as treason and heresy, are now proclaiming victory. “There, that’s what the binational state will look like,” they are saying. “It will be a bloody, endless civil war.”

The same intimidatory arguments that were used for years against the two-state solution (the “Auschwitz borders”) are now being enlisted against the one-state solution. Now, as then, everything is judged according to the contours of the current, depressing reality, and it doesn’t occur to anyone that another reality is possible.

The nationalists say, “An agreement will never be possible with those bloodthirsty people.” The center-left says, “There’s no way to live together.” The common denominator is racism, and the assumption that the hatred will last forever. To this we must add the arguments over the Jewish state’s sanctity and the end of the Zionist project. In short, one state means the end of the world.

And now to the facts. One state already exists here, and has done so for 48 years. The Green Line faded long ago; the settlements are in Israel, and Israel is also the settlers’ land. The fate of the two million Palestinians who live in the West Bank is decided by the government in Jerusalem and the defense establishment in Tel Aviv, not by Ramallah. Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, the coordinator of government activities in the territories, is their ruler far more than Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is. They are clearly part of the binational state and have been its subjects, forcibly, for some three generations.  This state has three regimes: democracy for the Jews; discrimination for the Israeli Arabs; and apartheid for the Palestinians.  But everyone lives in one inseparable state.

The binational state that was born in 1976 is not democratic.  In fact, it’s one of the worst states in the world, because of the military dictatorship it upholds in part of its territory – one of the most brutal, totalitarian regimes in existence today.  It is also one of the most racist states, since it determines its residents’ rights based solely on their nationality.  This is the one state that is washed in blood right now, and will continue to be washed in blood as long as it remains in its malicious, nondemocratic format.

Those who say the current bloodbath is proof that Arabs and Jews can’t live together base this on the current state of injustice. And they’re right. If Israel continues to be a state of iniquity, Jews and Arabs will never be able to live together in peace. But the growing few advocating the one-state solution are not thinking of this state – quite the opposite. They wish to undermine it and establish a different, more just and egalitarian regime. When that is established, the hatred and despair will most likely be forgotten.

One may not want to believe this, of course, but one must not deceive. You cannot deny the possibility of life together with arguments based on the existing conditions. Blood is being spilt because of the injustice, and stems from it. How can you rule out in advance the possibility that in a democratic, egalitarian state, different relations will be formed? There are quite a few historic precedents of hatred and horror that dissipated when the injustice dissipated.

We could go back to the two-state solution, of course. Not a bad idea, perhaps, but one that has been missed. Those who wanted a Jewish state should have implemented it while it was still possible. Those who set it on fire, deliberately or by doing nothing, must now look directly and honestly at the new reality: 600,000 settlers will not be evacuated.  Without evacuation, there will not be two states.  And without two states, only the one-state solution remains.

Now, of all times, out of the fire and despair, we must start talking about the last way out: equal rights for all; for Jews and Arabs. One state is already here, and has been for a long time. All it needs is to be just and do the right thing. Who’s against it? Why? And, most important, what’s the alternative?


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AlJazeera English – Palestinians bid Jon Stewart a fond farewell

Yesterday (August 7, 2015), AlJazeera English published the following article written by Amer Zahr, a Palestinian-American stand-up comedian and law professor:

Mr. Zahr wrote:

Apart from the constant aerial bombardments and denials of our rights by Israel, we Palestinians have been victims of another major global force: the American news media.

Misrepresentations of our history, our struggle, and our narrative have been the norm.

From the media’s refusal to use the term “occupation” to its insistence on creating a faux-parity between oppressor and oppressed, Palestinians have become accustomed to seeing their images grossly twisted on every American news channel.

In fact, if one were to only watch CNN to glean the latest developments, one might think that there is a country named Israel that is fighting a country named Palestine.

But for the past 15 years or so, amid a sea of bias and distortion, one voice in the American media has given some modicum of balance to discussion on the Palestinian question.

One individual has humanised Palestinian lives and levelled the debate.

One personality has dared to criticise Israeli policies that have for so long denied the most basic of rights to Palestinians, through occupation and ethnic supremacy.

One man. One American. One American comedian. One Jewish-American comedian. Yes, Jon Stewart.

Whether Jon Stewart knows it or not, and whether he likes it or not, he has become a bit of a hero to us Palestinians over the years.

We incessantly share and pass along clips of his bits.

He is not afraid to take on Israel or its leaders, as he did right after this March’s elections, in a report that showed the best (or worst) of American media.

We recite his lines to each other. One of our particular favourites came in the midst of last summer’s illegal and murderous Israeli war on Gaza’s civilians:

“What are the Gazans supposed to do? Evacuate to where? Have you f***ing seen Gaza?! Israel blocked this border and Egypt blocked this border. What are they supposed to do? Swim for it?!”

Now, some might think that it’s a little weird that my people would hold someone from Stewart’s people in such high esteem.

But those people clearly don’t know what they are talking about. If you know anything about history, you would know that this isn’t the first time a Jewish person has been wildly popular in Palestine. (Remember Jesus?)

Now, let me also say that Palestinian praise of Stewart does not come without any criticism.

Progressive liberals in the US see him as their beacon, someone who speaks the truth in a media world where deception and misdirection are the norm.

Of course, the Palestinian struggle is not simply about being seen as human beings who are worthy of the most basic of rights. It is about justice and equality.

It is about the theft of our land, and the basic injustices of the Nakba of 1948, which we recently commemorated on May 15.

Incidentally, we Palestinians don’t have holidays like other peoples. We just have commemorations.

There’s May 15 (commemorating the theft of our land in 1948), June 5 (commemorating the theft of more of our land in 1967), and March 30 (commemorating the theft of even more of our land in 1976).

I know, there’s a pretty strong “they stole our land” theme happening.

In a country where we are seen as generally unworthy of protection, we appreciate Jon Stewart telling the world that we Palestinians are, in fact, human beings who do not deserve to be indiscriminately killed.

But some of us do worry that his saying as much will lead other liberal, progressive Americans of conscience to think that saying that, and only that, is enough, without addressing the deep roots of Israel’s colonialism and ethnic supremacy.

Nevertheless, the truth is that Jon Stewart has basically stood alone when it comes to Palestine.

No one in the US’ mainstream media (and yes, in the US, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show is mainstream) has dared to come close to Stewart’s objectivity, honesty, and even-handedness in covering Israel.

The end of his nightly appearances on our television screens will leave a major void.

Now, I do feel obliged to deliver Mr Stewart one last message. In fact, it’s an apology (sort of).

Much like our Jewish cousins, we Arabs have a bad habit of saying, “Well, that’s nice, but he could have done more.”

I’m sorry (sort of) if you’ve heard that, Jon.

Some would prefer that he show up at Palestinian rallies and start waving the “Zionism is racism” banner. Sometimes, I’m one of those people.

But who knows, maybe after his retirement, we will find him at a demonstration, in a sea of keffiyehs, chanting with the rest of us.

Amer Zahr

I do not know what Jon Stewart will do after “The Daily Show”, but for what he already did, he will be among many Jewish personalities who will be fondly remembered when the truth about the Palestinian story is finally told.  For those who would say that Jon Stewart could have done more, I say: so could all of us.

I hope that many more Jews will be freed from their Jewish fear, re-examine what the establishment of the state of Israel on the ruins of Palestinian society did to the Palestinian people, reflect on the consequences of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine that accompanied and followed the establishment of the state of Israel, evaluate the result of the state of Israel’s continuing refusal to assume responsibility for the Palestine Refugee problem, assess the humanity – or inhumanity – of the state of Israel’s policies and practices towards the Palestinian people, regain their humanity above all else, and reach out to the Palestinian people to forge an honourable justice-based historic reconciliation in order to live together as equal human beings in a free democratic state for all Palestinians and all Israelis alike without ethnic supremacy, discrimination, occupation, domination, or oppression; a state for all that is rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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عبد الفتّاح السيسي – ماذا يريد من الشعب المصري وماذا يريد له؟

بعيدًا عن هتافات المصفّقين وعن نفاق المهلّلين الّذين يحاولون صناعة نصف إله من الرئيس المصري عبد الفتّاح السيسي، وكذلك بعيدًا عن كره الحاقدين وعن تشويه المتأسلمين الّذين يحاولون تصويره وكأنّه المسيح الدّجّال، نحاول تقديم السيسي بموضوعية المراقب من خلال كلماته في حفل افتتاح قناة السويس الجديدة مساء أمس

ماذا يريد الرئيس السيسي من الشعب المصري؟  وصف الرئيس المصري نجاح تنفيذ مشروع قناة السويس الجديدة أنّه “خطوة من ألف خطوة.”  وفي موضوع التعامل مع الإرهاب قال:  “إننا ننتصر على الإرهاب بالحياة وعلى الكراهية بالحب.”  وعن مستقبل مصر أضاف أنّ “مصر ليست بلد المشروع الواحد، ولا يصحّ أن تكون كذلك.”  هذا ما يريده السيسي من المصريّين – النظر لهذا الإنجاز الكبير (إكمال مشروع قناة السويس الجديدة بنجاح) على أنّه خطوة على طريق طويل، ورفض الإرهاب، ونشر المحبّة، والعمل الدؤوب في مختلف المجالات

ثم ماذا يريد الرئيس السيسي للشعب المصري؟  أكّد الرئيس المصري على أنّ “الدولة المصريّة تجدّد عزمها على المضي قدمًا على خطى الإصلاح السياسي والاجتماعي لتحقيق أهداف وطموحات أبنائها في العدالة الاجتماعيّة والكرامة الإنسانيّة.”  ثم ختم كلمته بمقولة سوف تلتصق باسمه إلى الأبد إذا حقّق مضمونها في الأشهر والسنوات المتبقيّة له في مركز قيادة مصر.  قال الرئيس عبد الفتّاح السيسي:  “إذا كانت الشعوب قادرة على الحلم، فإن الشعوب الحرّة فقط هي القادرة على الإنجاز.”  كم أتمنّى أن تسمح لي تطوّرات الأحداث أن أكرّر هذه المقولة منسوبةً إليه مستقبلاً باستعمال الفعل المضارع يقول

منذر زمّو
أوتوا / كندا

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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Egypt Deserves to be Happy Today

August 6, 2015 is a day that will be remembered as the day on which Egyptians have completed their first giant step towards a better future.  Today, the New Suez Canal will be officially opened.

The Egyptian people are celebrating their achievement of completing the New Suez Canal Project.  This success is 100% Egyptian; from planning, to financing, to execution, to successful completion.  Millions of Arabs would have loved to participate in this project, but they understand and appreciate the purpose of having this success fully owned by the Egyptian people.  We are celebrating this success because Egypt’s success is a success for the entire Arab Nation.  This is an Arab success, and it comes in the middle of a period of our history that is dark and uncertain.  Once more, and not surprisingly, Egypt brings a ray of hope to the entire Arab Nation, and not just to its own people.

Today, Egypt reaches a new height that will bring into view more heights to be reached in the near future that will bring into view even more heights to be reached farther in the future.  Egypt is on the right track, and is going forward.

Those who love Egypt are happy today.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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Gideon Levy: All Israelis are guilty for setting a Palestinian family on fire

Even though I have reservations on any “generalization”, Levy’s point is understood.  Here is an Israeli-Jew with a conscience attempting to awaken the human spirit among his fellow Israeli-Jews.  Mr. Gideon Levy wrote (in Haaretz) a piece titled “All Israelis are guilty for setting a Palestinian family on fire” a few days after an Israeli terrorist torched a Palestinian home in a village near Nablus.  That horrific crime resulted in burning an 18-month Palestinian toddler (Ali Saad Dawabsheh) to death and severely burning his four years old brother and both parents who all remain in intensive care units.


It’s simply not possible to cheer for the brigade commander who shoots a Palestinian teenager, and then be shocked by settlers who throw a firebomb at an inhabited house.

If interested, you can read more at the following link:

or continue reading the text below:


Israelis stab gay people and burn children. There isn’t a shred of slander, the slightest degree of exaggeration, in this dry description. True, these are the actions of a few. True, too, that their numbers are increasing. It’s true that all of them — all the murderers, everyone who torches, who stabs, who uproots trees — are from the same political camp. But the opposing camp also shares the blame.

All those who thought that it would possible to sustain islands of liberalism in the sea of Israeli fascism were shown up this weekend, once and for all. It’s simply not possible to cheer for the brigade commander who shoots a teenager, and then be shocked by the settlers who set a family on fire; to support gay rights, and hold a founding conference in Ariel; to be enlightened, and then pander to the right and seek to partner with it. Evil knows no bounds; it begins in one place and quickly spreads in every direction.

The first breeding ground of those who torched the Dawabsheh family was the Israel Defense Forces, even if the offenders didn’t serve in it. When the killing of 500 children in the Gaza Strip is legitimate, and doesn’t even compel a debate, a moral reckoning, then what’s so terrible about setting a house on fire, together with its inhabitants? After all, what’s the difference between lobbing a fire bomb and dropping a bomb? In terms of the intention, or the intent, there is no difference.

When the shooting of Palestinians becomes an almost daily occurrence — two more have already been killed since the family was burned: one in the West Bank, another on the border of the Gaza Strip — who are we to complain about the fire throwers in Duma? When the lives of Palestinians are officially the army’s for the taking, their blood cheap in the eyes of Israeli society, then settler militias are also permitted to kill them. When the IDF’s ethic in the Gaza Strip is that it is permitted to do anything in order to save one soldier, who are we to complain about right-wingers like Baruch Marzel, who told me this weekend it was permissible to kill thousands of Palestinians in order to protect a single hair from the head of a Jew. Such is the atmosphere, such is the result. Original responsibility for it goes to the IDF.

No less to blame, of course, are the governments and politicians who vie with each other over who can suck up the most to the settlers. Whoever gives them 300 new homes in exchange for their violence at the flagship settlement of Beit El is telling them not only that violence is permissible, but also that it pays. It is already hard to draw the line between throwing bags of urine at police officers and fire bombs into people’s homes.

Also to blame, of course, are the law enforcement authorities, starting with the Judea and Samaria District Police — the most ridiculous and scandalous of all police districts, and not by chance. Nine Palestinian homes were torched in the past three years, according to B’Tselem. How many people have been prosecuted? None. So what happened in Duma on Friday? The fire was simply better, in the eyes of the arsonists and their minions.

Their minions also include the silent, the forgiving and all those who think the evil will remain forever within the confines of the West Bank. Their minions also include the Israelis who are convinced that the People of Israel is the chosen people, and as a result is permitted to do anything — including torching the homes of non-Jews, with their inhabitants inside.

So, too, many of those who were shocked by the act, including figures who have visited the victims in Sheba Medical Center, outside Tel Aviv — the president, the prime minister, the opposition leader and their aides — imbibed the racist, infuriating “You have chosen us from all the peoples” with their mothers’ milk.

At the end of a terrible day, it is this that leads to the burning of families whom God did not choose. No principle in Israeli society is more destructive, or more dangerous, than this principle. Nor, unfortunately, more common. If you were to examine closely what is concealed beneath the skin of most Israelis, you would find: the chosen people. When that is a fundamental principle, the next torching is only a matter of time.

Their minions are everywhere, and most of them are now tsk-tsking and expressing dismay at what happened. But what occurred couldn’t have not happened; what happened was dictated by the needs of reality, the reality of Israel and its value system. What happened will happen again, and no one will be spared. We all torched the Dawabsheh family.

Gideon Levy – August 2, 2015


One day, in the hopefully not too distant future, Gideon Levy will be remembered – by Jews and Palestinians – as one of the few who attempted to shed light on the truth of what is happening in historic Palestine, including exposing the complicity of Israeli-Jews who stay silent (or secretly or privately cheer) when gross violations of Palestinian human rights are committed by their government or their fellow citizens.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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