The flawed logic of Holocaust deniers and hateful strategies

Some Jew-haters pretend to support the Palestinian cause, and use such support to attract other Palestine supporters to their hateful agenda.  To all such people, I say:  Take a hike; the Palestinian people neither need nor seek your support.  We can do just fine without your hate; thanks, but no thanks!

Those people’s flawed logic assumes that since Jews were the principal beneficiaries from the Zionist experiment in Palestine – that resulted in An-Nakba (the catastrophe) for the Palestinian people – it therefore makes Jews (all Jews) enemies of the Palestinians.  Their logic further assumes that since they hate Jews and since Jews must be enemies of the Palestinians because they benefited from An-Nakba, that should make the Palestinians agree on promoting the haters’ objective; i.e. to label all Jews as evil.

Furthermore, since their flawed logic concludes that all Jews are evil, then Jews must also be liars.  That flawed logic extends the lying characteristic from individual Jews to all Jewish groups and organizations, including Zionist organizations.  And since Zionist organizations use the Holocaust to explain, defend, and justify actions and policies of the state of Israel – no matter how unjust such actions and policies might be to Palestinians – it would be, the flawed logic continues, in the best interest of the Palestinian people to deny the Holocaust; in order to disarm Zionists from a very effective weapon in defending and “justifying” acts of injustice, discrimination, racism, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, oppression, occupation, and persecution that are perpetrated by the state of Israel on a daily basis for more than seven decades against the Palestinian people.

Indeed, some Palestinians and Palestine supporters have been sympathetic to that flawed logic.  What they did not realize is the fact that they have fallen right into the hands of the very people they wish to expose by denying the Holocaust ever happened.  Facing the overwhelming evidence of Jewish persecution in Europe, some accept that Jewish suffering did occur, but they question the number of six million Jews having perished at the hands of the Nazis.  Many Palestinians and Palestine supporters either deny the Holocaust outright or question the accuracy of stories of Jewish suffering that when assembled together define the Holocaust tragedy.  Either way, their objective is obvious.

The truth is that the Holocaust is a historic fact representing a dark chapter of European history.  While the Holocaust motivated millions of Jews to seek a safe haven in Palestine, it is not a liability to the Palestinian people.  To the contrary, it can be one of the Palestinian assets, as the Palestinian people assert their equal humanity to that of the Jews and everyone else on the planet Earth.  Accepting the historic truth of the Holocaust tragedy is among the best approaches to close the gap of mistrust between the Palestinian people and their Israeli oppressors, as Palestinians struggle to convince their oppressors of the equal humanity of both peoples.  The fact that the Palestinian people had absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust makes Palestinian suffering at the hands of its victims a by-product of that human tragedy; the Holocaust was among the principal factors that facilitated bringing An-Nakba to Palestine.

Wasting so much energy on denying the Holocaust, and then offering an argument that the perpetrators of that human tragedy should pay the price for their crime – not the Palestinian people – is logically flawed and is, at best, confusing.  Arguing that the Palestinian people should not be made to pay for the crime of the Holocaust can only be logical after accepting the historic fact of that human tragedy.  Indeed, that is the proper approach to bringing the Holocaust into the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; i.e. first, accepting it as a historic fact and second, advocating that Palestinians should not be penalized for the crime of others.

Support to the Palestinian cause is not welcome if it is motivated by a hateful agenda towards the Jews.  It is only welcome when it is based on supporting the principle of common humanity and justice for all.  Hating Israeli Jews for what their successive governments, their political parties, and the founders of their state have done, and are still doing, to the Palestinian people is the easy way out; but it is also the wrong way that will perpetuate the conflict.  Believing in equal humanity for all and working hard on convincing Israeli Jews of the common humanity of Jews and Palestinians will have a better chance of success in ending the conflict.  Resigning to feelings of hate might represent some expedient way to serve another agenda that would be morally and ethically harmful to the Palestinian cause; both in the short-term and long-term.  Palestinians have lost all material things; their land, their homes, their farms, their schools, their neighbourhoods, their villages, their towns, their businesses, their cultural centres, their livelihoods, etc.  The things to which Palestinians continue to hold on for dear life are the things that no power on earth can take away from them; their dignity, their memories, their honour, their faith, their morals, their ethics, their values, and their humanity.

Hating Jews for their Jewishness does not make the hater a friend of the Palestinians.  Supporters of the Palestinian cause are our friend when they adhere to our values of honesty, fairness, justice, truth, and equal humanity for all.  For their hate, haters should seek some professional help; not turn our just cause into a tool to spread their hateful agenda.

When justice eventually prevails – and it will – the Palestinian people will look back on these decades of being dispossessed, oppressed, occupied, and persecuted with sorrow but also with pride.  They will evaluate themselves, their behaviour, and their value systems.  Palestinians do not want to feel guilty; they do not want to search for excuses and justifications of allying themselves with hateful forces for expediency; they do not want to be ashamed of their history; Palestinians want to feel proud, just, and human.

Monzer Zimmo

Cairo, Egypt

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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جمال عبد الناصر وسوريا

وستبقى دائمًا دمشق قلب العروبة النابض

كلمات تخترق أبعاد الزمان والمكان لترسّخ حقيقة تاريخيّة

منذر زمّو
القاهرة، مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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ماذا بعد إعلان موت حلّ الدولتين في فلسطين

لقد حان وقت توحيد خط النضال الفلسطيني في الوطن والمهاجر للتصدّي للهجمة الصهيونيّة العنصريّة على فلسطين.  بعد أن أمسى واضحًا للعالم أجمع أنّ حلّ الدولتين انتهى وأنّه فقد كلّ عناصر نجاحه وأنّ دولة إسرائيل تحكم وتتحكّم وتسيطر عسكريًّا وأمنيًّا وإداريًّا واقتصاديًّأ على كامل أرض فلسطين التاريخيّة، بما في ذلك قطاع غزّة والضفّة الغربيّة والداخل الفلسيطيني (1948)، فقد عاد الوضوح إلى واقع التناقض الأساس في مسألة الصراغ الفلسطيني مع الهجمة الصهيونيّة العنصريّة

دولة إسرائيل لها هدف واضح وأساسي في التعامل مع الفلسطينيّين، ألا وهو طرد معظم الفلسطينيّين من أرض فلسطين بأسلوب التطهير العرقي والإبقاء على العنصر اليهودي فيها وضمان استمرار الأغلبيّة اليهوديّة الصلبة  الى الأبد

الفلسطينيّون أيضًا -بعد انتهاء أوهام حلّ الدولتين – يجب أن يكون لهم هدف واضح وأساسي، ألا وهو العيش في وطنهم بحريّة كاملة في ظلّ نظام ديمقراطي يتساوى فيه الجميع بغض النظر عن الانتماء الديني أو العرقي، ويكون أفراد المجتمع متساوين في الحقوق والواجبات مساواةً تامّة بلا فرق ولا تمييز بين اليهود والمسيحيّين والمسلمين وغيرهم

الدولة الواحدة للجميع موجودة ولا ننادي بالبحث عنها في المثاليّات، بل علينا أن نناضل من أجل تقويم القوانين فيها لتحقيق المساواة التامّة بين الجميع، بحيث ألا يكون فيها درجات مختلفة أو متفاوتة في المواطنة بين مواطنيها.  نريد أن ترسّخ القوانين في هذه الدولة الموجودة فعلاً الممارسة الديمقراطيّة واحترام حقوق الإنسان والالتزام بإحقاق حقوق الأقليّات بعيدًا عن أي نوع من أنواع التمييز عرقيًّا أو دينيًّا أو غير ذلك

لقد حان الوقت أن يقف الفلسطينيّون معًا وراء هذه الرسالة الإنسانيّة وأن ينتهي إلى غير رجعة الفصل النضالي بين فلسطينيّي الداخل (1948) وفلسطينّي غزّة وفلسطينيّي الضفّة الغربيّة وفلسطينيّي المخيّمات وفلسطينيّي المهاجر، وأن تكون رسالتهم موحّدة في المناداة بالمساواة التامّة، وأن يجمعوا في صفوفهم كلّ من يقبل هذه النظرة من اليهود والمسيحيّين والمسلمين وغيرهم

منذر زمّو
القاهرة / مصر

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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البوصلة الّتي لا تخطئ: فلسطين

كثيرون الّذين يردّدون تعبير “لا أدري” حينما يُسألون عن ارائهم حول ما يدور في سوريا أو العراق أو اليمن أو ليبيا أو لبنان أو تونس أو مصر أو أي بلد عربي آخر.  هذه الـ “لا أدري” آفة نتجت عن فوضى الصراعات الفئويّة المتعدّدة الأطراف ذات الغرض الواحد، ألا وهو إبعاد أبناء الأمّة العربيّة عن الصراع الأساس مع الهجمة الصهيونيّة العنصريّة على فلسطين وإنهاكهم في اقتتال داخلي لا يعرف له أحد نهاية حتّى من الناحية النظريّة

لكلّ من يردّد “لا أدري” نقول ما يلي
حتّى تهتدي إلى رأي سديد فيما يجري، وحتّى تتبيّن الخبيث من الطيّب، وحتى تعرف المحقّ من بين المتصارعين، عليك بالبوصلة الّتي لا تخطئ:  فلسطين

ابحث عن فلسطين في مواقف الأطراف المتنازعة.  ابحث عن مكان قضيّة الشعب الفلسطيني القابع تحت نير الاحتلال الإسرائيلي العنصري من بين أولويّات الأطراف المتنازعة.  ابحث عن الداعين إلى التطبيع مع الكيان الصهيوني بغضّ النظر عن عذابات أبناء الشعب الفلسطيني اليوميّة على أيدي الصهاينة.  ابحث عن الرافضين أفعال إسرائيل من ظلم وتشريد وعقاب جماعي ضدّ الفلسطينيّين.  ابحث عن الّذين يهملون فلسطين في أقوالهم وأفعالهم، ولا يذكرونها حتّى بالكلمة بحجّة وجود “أولويّات” أخرى أكثر إلحاحًا.  ابحث عن الداعين إلى نسيان حقيقة الصراع العربي مع الهجمة الصهيونيّة على فلسطين وأطماعها فيما وراء فلسطين بحجّة ضرورة التعامل مع تلك الأولويّات الأخرى في أوطانهم.  ابحث عن من يعمّق الطائفيّة ويعتبرها الأولويّة الوحيدة، ويتجاهل جوهر الصراع الطائفي ومؤدّاه الأساس في تأييد المطالب الصهيونيّة بالاعتراف العربي بيهوديّة دولة أسرائيل.  ابحث عن من يعمّق فكرة الصراع الديني أو المذهبي مرورًا باختلاق كيانات سنيّة أو شيعيّة أو مسيحيّة متناسيًا أنّ ذلك يمهّد لشرعنة يهوديّة الدولة الصهيونيّة في قلب الوطن العربي.  ابحث عن من يتناسى حقيقة خطر إسرائيل النوويّة ويركّز خطابه السياسي على أولويّة محاربة احتمال خطر إيران النوويّة.  ابحث عن الّذين يقتلون من يخالفهم الرأي في مسألة نظريّة التزامًا برأي “فقيه” مات منذ مئات السنين، ولا يرفعون إصبعًا ضدّ قادة الدولة الصهيونيّة ورموزها الّذين يمارسون أقسى أنواع التفرقة العنصريّة والتطهير العرقي كلّ يوم ضد أبناء الشعب الفلسطيني.  ابحث عن الّذين يقولون بتأخير التعامل مع الصراع العربي الإسرائيلي ويستبدلونه بأولويّة الصراع السني الشيعي أو العربي الفارسي.  ابحث عن فلسطين، فهي البوصلة الّتي بها تهتدي إلى موقف أكثر وضوحًا من لا أدري

منذر زمّو

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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Trump, the Imbecile Bully, and ISIL

There is one thing that would be more dangerous to the security of the United States of America, and indeed that of the entire world, than the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL); president Trump.

If Donald Trump succeeds in spreading fear among the American public to the point of driving them to elect him the next president, he will become the best recruiting tool for ISIL and other groups to recruit more misguided young Americans and others to join their deadly cause.

Trump is a bully whose idea of dealing with a few twisted individuals is to wage war against an entire religion to which such individuals claim to belong.  Trump’s way of thinking stands contrary to all the values and principles that made the United States of America the greatest country in the world.

ISIL is a cult of losers whose idea of religion is rooted in hate and intolerance.  Its ideology stands in direct conflict with the values and principles of Islam.  More than 1,500,000,000 Muslims around the Globe reject ISIL, its cowardly terrorist tactics, and its hateful ideology.

Trump and ISIL feed on each other.  He benefits from ISIL’s terrorist attacks to justify his Islamophobia, and ISIL benefits from Trump’s rhetoric to strengthen and widen its recruiting operations.

Two facts have been omitted in the rhetoric spread by Trump and his supporters:  First, the number of ISIL’s Muslim victims is several times greater than its non-Muslim victims.  Second, the foot soldiers on the grounds that are fighting ISIL today in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Egypt are Arab soldiers the massive majority of whom are Muslims.  These two facts alone render Trump imbecile, if not much worse.

Trump and ISIL will be rejected; Americans will reject Trump and everything he represents, and Muslims will reject ISIL and everything it represents.  They will both disappear in the garbage bin of history with nothing to remember about them except the lesson that their types must never be allowed to emerge ever again.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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ISIL and the Deadliest Mass Shooting in Modern American History

There are no ifs, buts, or maybes; this terrorist murderer coward who attacked a club in Orlando, Florida last night is the devil incarnate.  How else can a man go into a club and start shooting people indiscriminately; killing fifty innocent people and wounding fifty-three others?  The numbers of the dead and injured continue to be worse by the hour.

This killer committed his indescribable crime in cold blood; he planned it, carefully selecting his target to inflict the maximum pain, and executed it with deadly accuracy.  What volume of hate he must have been harbouring within him?  What ideology he believed in that penetrated his brain that made it easy for him to do what he did?

The terrorist called 911 and declared allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL); the same evil group that swallowed half of Iraq, one-third of Syria, and significant parts of Yemen and Libya.  ISIL is continuing its attempts to gain a foothold in Egypt’s Sinai, but is being denied that by the Egyptian armed forces.  Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, and Yemenis are fighting this group and will defeat it sooner or later.  ISIL does not represent Islam and does not speak for Muslims.  It is an aberration that will soon be an ugly page of history and Muslims will have to learn how to fortify their faith to make sure that such aberration never comes back ever.

ISIL and its followers claim to be acting in the name of Islam.  Their twisted, sick minds use the name of “Islam” to justify their criminal acts.  Islam could not be any farther away from where those murderers claim to place it.  This fringe group (ISIL) gained its reputation through its vicious murders of innocent defenceless people using the most horrific means imaginable.  ISIL’s Muslim victims outnumber all of its non-Muslim victims put together.

Muslim leaders all-over the world have the obligation and own the responsibility of making sure that Islam’s name is not tarnished by the actions of ISIL and its mindless and senseless followers.  An outright war, to rid the world from this danger, must be waged against this evil that threatens to destroy humanity.  Any trace of ISIL and its ideology that is rooted in hate must be eradicated, and that is the responsibility of Muslims before all other human beings.

Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

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دمع الفخار

في ذكرى انسحاب الجيش الإسرائيلي من جنوب لبنان يوم 25 مايو/أيّار2000 أسترجع القصيدة الّتي انطلقت من القلب والعقل بعد لحظات من سماعي أخبار الانسحاب الإسرائيلي من جنوب لبنان

دَمعُ الفَخَارِ

وَهْمٌ تَنَاثَرَ كَالأَحْلامِ أنْ فَعَلُوا؟          أَمْ لِلْمُقَاوِمِ أقْوَالٌ لَهَا امْتَثَلُوا

نُوْرُ الحَقِيْقَةِ فِي الإيْمَانِ مَبْعَثُهُ          بَعــْدَ الظلامِ وَرَغْـمَ الظُّلْمِ يَشْتَعِلُ

نَادَى المُؤذِّنُ وَالأجْرَاسُ قَدْ قُرِعَتْ    اللهُ أكْبَرُ بِالإنْجِيْلِ تَتَّصِلُ

يَا نَفْسُ قَدْ رُفِعَتْ عَنْكِ الهُمُوْمُ فَلا     عَـادَتْ إلَيْـكِ وَلا ضَاقَتْ بِكِ السُبُلُ

عِيْسَى وَأحْمَدُ فِي القُرْآنِ ذِكْرُهُمَا      دِيْـنُ المَسِيْحِ وَأهْلُ البَيْتِ مَا انْفَصَلُوا

يَا عَيْنُ مَا دَمِعَتْ حِيْنَ الشَّهِيْدُ قَضَى   مَاذَا أَتَـاكِ؟ وَكَيْـفَ الدَّمْـعُ يَنْهَمِلُ؟

القَلْبُ مُبْتَهِجٌ والدَّمْعُ مُنْهَمِرٌ             دَمْـعُ الفَخَارِ كَنَـبْضِ القَلْبِ يَحْـتَفِلُ

هَلْ فِيْ مَنَامِيَ أحْلامٌ تُرَاوِدُنِيْ؟         أَمْ عَـنْ جَنُوْبِكَ يَا لُبْـنَانَ قَدْ رَحَلُوا

منذر زمّو

Hope is the stuff from which life is made!


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